Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chick with Crooked Toe

We discovered one of our new chicks has crooked toe.  It can be serious or not.  It makes them difficult to scratch for bugs and food and to roost to sleep, but some chickens have long productive lives with it.  There is some debate on how it happens, I have heard vitamin deficiency, birth injury and genetic malformation.  I don't know which is right! 

The little one

It's toes should be straight out - not curled like that!
 We read up on it and it seems to be correctable - sometimes.  So we decided to try.  First we made a little sandal out of cardboard like The Chicken Chick showed on her website.  It did not work for us.  It took forever to get on and then it fell off within minutes.  So we made a splint with pipe cleaners and surgical tape.

All splinted up!

Hoping this helps correct it for her!
We contacted the man we bought her from, just to let him know.  We didn't blame him at all - things happen!  But he was very apologetic and brought us 3 replacement chicks for free!  They were wonderful to deal with and I highly recommend Fisher's Farm and Feathered Friends if you are in the market for new chickens!

Transporting baby chicks in a Bojangles box.  It's just wrong!

All our newest babies!  8 Easter Egger chicks to add to my flock!

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  1. Poor little thing! Those splinted feet are adorable. You did a great job!