Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update on all the chicks!

I have a sad update.  Only one of the chicks made it.  The three injured ones passed away within the next two days and another seemed fine, but suddenly passed one morning.  That just left us with one lonely little chick.  Chickens are extremely social and they do very badly by themselves.  We ended up finding some friends for her!  I found a home hatchery about an hour away that raised gorgeous and rarer breeds.  He had some Easter Egger chicks that were the same age as our little chick for only $3 a piece!  I can't wait for those blue, green, or pink eggs!

The brown one in the middle is our little survivor.  Doesn't it look so happy with it's new friends?

 And a little update on our other chicks!  We moved Mama and her 5 chicks into the coop with the other chickens.  Mama had a few big scuffles with the other hens when they tried to peck her babies, but she went Kung Fu Chicken on them and literally wrestled them into submission!  It was amazing to watch.  No one is messing with Mama or babies now! 

They are in that awkward teenage stage, but mama loves them.  They stick close to her!

And gratuitous pictures of my other lovely ladies!

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