Sunday, June 16, 2013

Broody Hen Take 2

Letting our hen raise her chicks went so well we another hen went broody I got some fertile eggs from a friend and placed them under her.  We were so excited on day 21 to hear peeping!  Only to find that the mom was pecking and kicking the babies out of the nest as soon as they were born! 

We quickly rescued them and realized we needed to raise them ourselves.  So we set up a bood and heat lamp in the corner of our living room.  There was one little yellow one with a neck wound, a little brown easter egger in really bad shape, a little black one that looks like it was pecked on the stomach and a brown easter egger and black australorp that look fine.  There was 3 more eggs that hadn't hatched and we didn't hear anything for them so I don't think they finished developing.  Hopefully we can nurse these babies back to health!  Claire and Chandler say they want to eat "that bad mom"!

The perpetrators

The little box in our living room

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