Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Bunnies!

Get ready for a cuteness overload! 

Mrs. Sugarfoot's babies hopped out of the nestbox.  What sweet bunnies! 

This little one is our favorite.  I am thinking about keeping this one!

Looks like Daddy!

The shyest one.  It was hard to get this little ones picture!

Claire loves the babies!

Mrs. Sugarfoot and her babies

Mocha and her one baby.  Poor little thing was the only survivor of a litter of nine.  But it was Mocha's first litter so she will get another chance.  She has been a good mama to this little one.

And our newest addition is a 6 week old Flemish Giant doe!  We named her Ginger.  I love her already!

Meet Ginger!

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