Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yep, I've been AWOL

Sorry I've been completely gone! Right after Thanksgiving my computer had a nervous breakdown. My genius uncle was kind enough to fix it (and update it!) for free, but it was not finished until Christmas. It is now better then ever, but I was having major computer withdrawals!

December was a month of firsts for my Little Man. He crawled for the first time, had his first snow and his first Christmas! Princess never really had the traditional crawling stage so it's been an adjustment. He moves so quickly!! He has always wanted to be attached to me at all times, but now that he is mobile he wants to GO. Discovering his sister's room was like a treasure trove. He's always making a beeline down the hall now. He's very lucky that she is enjoying having someone to play with and doesn't mind him being in her toy boxes. Having them enjoying each others company and playing together has been a godsend! It's so wonderful. Of course this morning I was reminded that children who play together get in trouble together when they spread saltines all over the kitchen. They work fast! But it was a quick clean up and seeing the look on Little Man's face when his sister is playing and paying attention to him is so worth it!

Here they are playing with the pans in the kitchen!