Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm alive!

Tired and still worn out, but alive!

We are trying to settle in a routine, but I still can not do very much without extreme exhaustion setting in.  This pregnancy took a lot out of me!  I plan on giving myself at least another week before I crack down on myself.  ;)

Fiona is a great sleeper so far.  She's sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night, not bad for 10 days old!  She's pretty easy-going but that might just be because there is never a shortage of arms to hold her!  Even Chandler asks for his turn to snuggle her.

She's gaining weight well, not back to her birth weight yet, but she's steadily gaining.

We are all in love.  She's adorable and was giving us the cutest smiles last night!