Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chandler is 8!

8 years ago right now I was hurriedly getting discharged from the hospital so I could follow my hours old newborn baby boy an hour away to the  NICU. I could barely walk, but was frantic to make sure he was stable. Now Chandler is a funny, engineer-brained, video game enthusiast. He can be a challenge, but he is also the first to hug me when he wakes and says the day doesn't start until he's had his hug. Earlier this month we took him to see the LEGO Batman movie and he said it was the "best birthday present EVER!"  And we celebrated his birthday early with family putting his and my uncle's birthday together.  Today he enjoyed his birthday watching video game walk throughs, spending almost 2 hours at the park and enjoying his request of dinner at Dairy Queen. So he's had a whole month of birthday festivities!  Happy Birthday to my Chandler!
Getting ready for the movie!

Declan didn't want to be in the picture.
Ice Cream Cake!

Blowing out the candles
I have a picture of Chandler in this shirt.  That's crazy.

LEGOS from Grandma and Poppy!

Minecraft book from Mom and Dad

Nicholas and Declan at the park!

Declan loved the slides

He's hard to catch for a picture!

There we go!

The Medium Blizzard that he couldn't finish.  ;) 

Fiona and her ice cream

And proof that I actually exist!  Haha!