Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chicks Are Growing Up

 The chicks are getting so big!  We moved the chicks into a bigger box on our back porch. 

Our Spitzhauben aka Mohawk Chicken

Buff Polish
 But they quickly outgrew that too!  They are still too young to go with the adult chickens without protection and we have planned on enlarging the chicken run and put them in there first, but we have just not had time to get that done.  So we got the bright idea to put them in the rabbit pen.  After multiple dog attacks we but a fenced area for our rabbit hutches.  There is no coop, but we fashioned some little shelters for them and they have gotten most of their feather and between that and straw they will be warm enough at least for a few weeks.  It's a little ramshackle, but they seem to love it!  Those are some happy little chicks!

A little shelter
Hanging out under a rabbit cage
Claire with one of the Golden Campines
Happy little chicks
An outside view of our rabbit pen
And one of the big girls (and Blackbeard) for good measure! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

2 Months Old!

Can you believe this guy is already two months old? 


He is still a complete mama's boy and is eating and growing great.  The longest he has slept in one stretch has been 4 hours and it was only once.  I'm rather tired!  But this little face is worth it.  He completely has me wrapped around his little finger.  

I mean look at that smile!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Family Hiking Day!

The Nantahala Hiking Club sponsored a Family Hiking Day this weekend.  We hauled all 4 of the kids up the mountain and had a blast! 

Everyone getting ready


Daddy and Fiona were hiking buddies

They had a great activity at the river to find and identify bugs.


Searching for bugs

Fiona just wanted to go in the water.

Declan slept through the hike.

Daddy's Girl!

Picnic bench loveliness.

The leaves are just starting to change!

The kids with our awesome hike leaders!

Monday, September 22, 2014

County Fair

September means the County Fair!  It's one of our favorites things to do as a family and we never miss it.  Sometimes, like this year we go more then once!

There was a tent set up with games for the little ones.

Chandler got to be a cowboy!
My beautiful Claire

Talking about fire safety with the firefighters.


Back at the Fair with Daddy!

Fiona liked the animals!

She was fascinated with the cows.

The kids were excited to show Daddy their booth.

My babies got to ride around in style.

In front of the barn

All of my babies and me!

Declan slept through the Fair.

We grabbed Dairy Queen after the Fair.

Happy kids!

Fiona was so excited for the ice cream!

And now he's awake!  ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014


Claire and Chandler each were able to take a Horsekeeping 101 class through our homeschool co-op this year!

It was separate classes for each of them and Chandler got to go first!

 Chandler was really intimidated by the horse.  He was really nervous to get too close. 

 He loved the miniature donkey that was there though!  He said he wanted one for our house.  :)

 Towards the end of the class Chandler finally was willing to pet and brush the horse.  I was so proud of him!

Claire had her class on a different day and she was so excited.

 She loved brushing the horse.

 She did a wonderful job leading the horse around the field.

But being on the horse was scarier then she expected!  It looks like my Claire has inherited my fear of heights.  She has decided that she no longer wants a horse - maybe a pony instead.  And like Chandler she adored the little miniature donkey.  They are trying to talk me into one.  Silly children.  It's their father they need to work on! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baby Chicks!

On the first day of co-op I got a phone call from the post office that our chicks were there!  We ordered from Meyer Hatchery this time and got their late hatch special.  The kids were so excited - but it did end up being a crazy morning!

26 Little Cuties!
Playing with the chicks on the first day
A boy and his chicken

Fiona was bringing pinches of feed to the chicks. 

Prince was very interested in that chick!
 Now they are bigger and already growing feathers!  It looks like a great selection.  A couple Polish, a couple Barred Rocks, still trying to figure everyone out!