Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pre-K here we come!

I've been debating doing Pre-K with The Girl this year since she's been so wild. We've been having a lot of behavior issues and I thought I should focus on that. But I decided to get a little workbook just in cause and yesterday after her rest time I let her play with Play-doh for a little while and then we sat down and did 3 pages until she said she was done and got down. I was very pleased at how she paid attention. Then we used some flash cards to practice her counting. She had no problem doing up to ten. Thank you Sesame Street! ;) I think she did very well and we may not do some everyday, but I think we definitely with do a low key Pre-K program this year and an added bonus, she seemed to love the one on one time and was very relaxed!

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