Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nice day!

My husband is working this morning so the kids and I hung out around the house this morning and I finished reorganizing The Girl's room! Whoohoo me! Her room is always a disaster area - usually books completely covering the floor. So I took all the books off her shelf and have two bags full of ones to donate to the Friends of the Library, I filled a large rubbermaid tub with books that were too old for her or she doesn't read much, put the younger books in her brother's room and the rest was put in two clothes bins. She had A LOT of books! I put her larger toys on the bookshelf - the top shelf was reserved for Barbies and she liked arranging them. Dolls and stuffed animals are in a wicker basket at the end of her bed and I had one smaller bin for her little toys. Oh, and I filled a garbage bag for Goodwill!

Pictures ...
The usual state of her room:


One bin of book and her larger toys

My Girl!

A little reading spot!

After all that the kids and I went downtown to get "Water for Elephants" the new book my Mommy Book Club is doing and we had fun window shopping down Main Street. Then off to home for lunch and naps. It's been a nice day so far! I hope work is just as good tonight!


  1. good job on the clean up! We need some time to do that in our house too! So hard to keep it up though!