Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uhoh ... Mama's thinking

I'm in a contemplative mood today. Not really a good thing. I have so much that I want out of life that I feel we have to wait on because of a couple of bad financial decisions we had when we were a little younger. :( Nothing major - but just enough that we can't afford much until we finish with it.

We want to move and are slowly figuring out where we want to go. We had plans on moving before The Girl was born, but it got pushed aside when we found out we were pregnant. We have a town we are leaning towards now, but need to check it out first. We get frustrated not having anything around us. We live in the middle of nowhere with an hour drive to the nearest mall, museum, Target or good grocery store. I hate that whenever the kids need any clothes it's a day trip. I hate that we live somewhere that doesn't have anywhere in the entire town that sells maternity clothes! That's just pathetic.

On to my next thought ... I want a baby. I am close with my sister and I want The Girl to get to experience a sister or Little Man a brother. I don't want a huge difference in age either. I want them to enjoy playing with each other. But I know if we want to move we might have to put it off. That's where I go around and around in my head. Lowering our expenses so we can move without huge difficulties vs. having the baby we want and letting the chips fall.

::sigh:: Thinking is bad.

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  1. Have the baby. Financial situations always change, and as long as you guys are working on them they will be positive changes.

    My husband and I are in a very similar situation. He has bad credit, but we're having kids anyway. It's paid off, we've gone up in credit score and have 1.5 amazing boys to boot.