Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh for the love of ...

I just want to get back into bed and start this day over.

#1 being woken up by The Girl jumping on my bed equals a grumpy mama.

#2 the speech therapist is coming today for Little Man's first session and my house is a mess.

#3 When I tried to take a shower I came out to something on Little Man's face. Turns out The Girl went in my bedroom (where she is not supposed to be) climbed up my dresser (where she is not supposed to touch) and took my nail polish. She then got it on her dress, her brother, my bedroom carpet, Little Man's toys and spilled the rest of it on the kitchen floor. Can I please refer you back to #2?

I spent the next hour trying to clean it all up while The Girl spent that time in her room. Does anyone have tips to get nail polish out of carpet? The nail polish remover is not cutting it ...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jocelyn, at least you don't wear bright red nail polish.
    Oh, Mary Kay NP remover doesn't work.You have to get the cheap stuff.
    How about lots of throw rugs.
    Love ya!!from Grandma.