Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My kids are sabotaging my weight loss!

My kids are close to being underweight. My daughter is 4 years old and is 34 lbs and 42 inches tall. My son will be 18 months next week and is just barely 20 lbs, and this is after months of working with him and trying to get him to eat. So here I am trying to loose weight and I'm desperately trying to get calories into my kids! It makes it very difficult for me. This stuff is in the house and I can't always do low fat options for the family because my kids need it. I almost envy the women whose whole families are overweight. They can just focus on only having healthy, low fat options in the house! Instead I buy pizza and cheese and chicken nuggets because my kids will eat them and they are high calorie foods. The nutritionist even recommended loading up in butter and margarine, but I have a hard time going that far. Ugh. Just frustrated!

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  1. Oh, poor mama. I bet that's frustrating. Just keep at it! And I wouldn't worry too much. Gummi, my son, is under weight and small for his age, but I see him eat, so I'm not worried.

    Just wait, when your kids are in high school they'll have that summer where they grown one foot and gain 50 pounds. :)