Monday, March 18, 2013

Homeschooling is a Way of Life

This morning I posted on my Facebook how I find it interesting that Claire and I can complete in one hour what takes an entire day at school and got a surprising amount of comments.  Some of which were borderline rude.

But then a fellow homeschooling friend pointed out that homeschooling is a mindset and what I completed in an hour this morning was just the beginning of our lessons today.  So true!

This morning Claire and I read a Bible story, learned about ancient Egyptian gods, did a lesson in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, two pages in Evan Moor's Daily Phonics 1, one handwriting page and a math lesson. 

And -

She watched WordWorld on Hulu while she ate her breakfast.
We took care of our chickens and rabbit.
She watched baby Fiona while I took a shower.
She cleaned part of her room.
She helped bring in wood.
She played with her brother.
She folded all the napkins and towels.
She helped make lunch.
She laid on my bed for an hour looking at books and resting. 
She played on her Innotab.
She cut pictures out of old magazines and glued them on paper.
She helped her grandma make cookies. 

And the day is not over!

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