Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adding to the Menagerie

The other day a friend of mine sent me a message via Facebook asking me if we wanted a rabbit.  They have two boys and she said the bunny wasn't getting the attention it deserved.  She knew our Claire was an animal lover and her husband said the rabbit needed a little girl.  :)

We had discussed rabbits before but decided it would be a few years away, but here was a free rabbit that came with a hutch and everything!

Claire was so excited the moment she over heard us talking about it and the decision was made! 

They brought her over yesterday and Claire has been talking to her, giving her treats and snuggling with her every since.  She even went outside before bed last night with a flashlight to tell her goodnight!

Claire decided to rename her (she was going by Lil Ben at her old house) and we have gone through several names (Lilly, Aurora, Belle, Elizabeth, Stormy, Mrs. Bunny, etc) but I think we finally settled on one after noticing her one white foot.  Presenting Claire and Mrs. Sugarfoot!

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