Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chandler is 4!

I just realized I never posted about Chandler's birthday!

My son requested a Superman birthday.  I had no idea that Superman was so out of fashion!  I searched everywhere.  I ended up finding some Mylar balloons on Amazon and had them filled at the party store here in town.  I also found some Superman fabric and made cloth napkins out of them.  Cute and reusable!  I actually am thinking about using the squares to make him a small quilt now.  :)  The rest was just blue, red and yellow with the centerpiece - a Superman emblem cake made by my mother!  All he asked to have to eat was chocolate cake and cantaloupe.  Works for me!  Chandler was thrilled and loved it all and that's what matters! 

Mom decorating the cake with an audience
THAT is a happy boy! 

Simple, but enjoyable!

The cake!


My sister brought her new puppy Leia!

Fiona enjoying the party from the swing

Chowing down on some chocolate cake!

My 4 year old!

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