Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why don't people mind their own business?

Why do people always comment on other people's children? Why are parents not allowed to parent on their own? (Now obviously I am referring to in reason. No beatings or abuse, etc) A few weeks ago as I was putting Monkey in the car little Princess Red Chief kept playing on the cart return after I told her not to. I am of the mind that once I told you not to do something if you get hurt it's karma. (Obviously, again within reason) She started to get caught and a man walking by came to her rescue. As he kept walking the woman with him looked back at me with a dirty look and said, "And her mother was right there!" Now first of all, I was less then a foot away and saw the whole thing, I was going to let her figure out how to get out on her own. Second of all, when did a scrape or bruise become such a horrific thing? Since then she's started listening to me when it comes to the cart returns. Small pains can be a good teacher and she's at the age where I want her to start figuring out things on her own. I don't need to always come to her rescue. Can you tell I'm not a helicopter parent?

I don't know if I've really communicated this well because it's been a busy day and my mind's a jumble. Monkey only took one nap and it wasn't very long, so there was no time to clear my head. Hopefully I made my point!

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