Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Children

I've debated about what to call my children on here. For some reason I don't want to use their names, but just saying "son" and "daughter" is boring. I think I've narrowed down on nicknames for them, but I think I need to tell you a little more about them for it to make sense.

Have you ever read the O. Henry story "Kidnapping of Red Chief"? That is my daughter. She's 3 years old and knows everything. Her favorite response when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to is, "I don't think so." She wants to go somewhere and see something new everyday. She can drive me crazy. But the things that drive me crazy about her are also the things I love about her. She's smart, active, opinionated (I have no idea where she gets that!), and can talk your ear off. She's never met a stranger and is at home everywhere she goes (which can be embarrassing for mama!) She's funny and affectionate and knows what she wants to do and when. She loves going to my mother's coffee shop and meeting and greeting the customers. When at home she is either spreading her craft box all over the coffee table or is in her room "reading" her books. She's growing into such an interesting little person and I can really appreciate that when I'm trying not to lose my temper with her! In honor of Mr. O. Henry (my daughter gets her bookworm tendencies from me!) I dub her Miss Red Chief! Or Miss Red for short.

My son will be 6 months old next week and we are just starting to see glimpses of his personality. He's a very happy little boy, loves to cuddle and is happiest on my hip. Not so happy in a swing or bouncer. He wants Mama or Daddy all the time. He had a rough start at birth and had his first helicopter ride at 2 hours old when they airlifted him to the nearest NICU. He spent 6 days there, but does not seem to have any major long term effects. Last week he started being able to sit up on his own for extended periods and he was so proud of himself as evidenced by his big, gummy grins. He just started solid food and has had brown rice, avocado and sweet potato so far - all homemade by mama. I had a hard time deciding what to call him since most of his little pet names would sound pretty stupid in a year or two. I've settled on Monkey for now. He clings to me like a little monkey and loves when Daddy plays adventurously with him.

I love my children and being home with them even when they run me ragged . Most days if I'm lucky I get a nap overlap in the afternoon and I usually do some quick housework, but I have to sit done and have some "Mama Time" and this seems to becoming part of it. I usually leave it quiet in the house and read or go on the internet to "see" my mommy friends. But I need that time to preserve my sanity and all mothers do. Some get it in different ways, but we all have to have time to use for ourselves. We will always have naptime/quiet time in this house!

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