Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My daughter is incredibly picky when it comes to her food. If you ask her what she wants to eat the first thing out of her mouth will be "mac n cheese!" "No." "Umm, crackers, cheese, pickles!" (unsalted saltines, cheddar cheese and gherkins). You can't get her to name anything different. She will always eat a good bread (Italian, foccacia, etc) or fruit - I haven't found a fruit she won't eat, but anything else . . .

For breakfast I can usually get her to eat oatmeal. For lunch pretty much anything other then what's above is left on her plate. For dinner anything other then mac n cheese, plain egg noodles, spaghetti, or chicken nuggets she won't even try. So after she got down from the table without even taking a bite last night I made a decree. No macaroni and cheese or crackers and cheese until she starts trying other things!

This morning breakfast ended up being a banana. And for lunch . . . drum roll please . . . she actually ate 4 pb&j cracker sandwiches! She never eats normal pb&j, so I got the bright idea to put it on her saltines. Big hit! I made 3 and then she asked for another! Between that and her glass of milk I think she actually had a decent meal. It might sound silly - but I'm thrilled!!

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