Monday, September 7, 2015

The Homeschool Plan 2015-2016

We have a plan!  And as my husband always adds - but we aren't Cylons.  Yes, the nerding is strong in this house.

This year we are continuing some things, but changing some things out.

 Last year I used this to plan/record our school year from Mardel and it worked great so I ordered a new one for this year.  It has everything I need for our schoolwork and it's pretty!  :)

For English we have started journaling everyday and we are using Queen Homeschooling's Language Lessons for Little Ones 3 and Language Lessons for the Very Young.  We have also added All About Spelling Level 1 for both kids. 

When the kids journal they write the entire date (i.e. Monday, September 7, 2015) and "I am thankful for ___________." and "My favorite part of yesterday was ____________."  I noticed a bit too much of focusing on the negative with my children and I am hopeful that making them think of the good things will help that.  Plus, handwriting practice! 

We have really liked Queen Homeschooling's Language Lessons.  It is Charlotte Mason based and very gentle.  Each lesson usually only takes 5 minutes max and there is a lot of poetry and beautiful paintings mixed in.  We are beginning All About Spelling this year.  I am starting both of them at Level 1 and they both say it's one of their favorite subjects this year. 

We are doing Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics this year with our homeschool co-op and really, really like it so far.  I think all the experiments will make this a very memorable year! 

Our homeschool co-op is also doing Mystery of History Volume 2.  This book focuses on the Early Church and the Middle Ages.  Some of the weeks look really great, some we have already covered, but I still think it will be valuable.  Repetition is helpful when it comes to history.

We will be continuing with Horizons Math.  Chandler (1st grade) is starting Math 1.  Claire (3rd grade) is a little behind, but we will be doubling up some lessons until she gets caught up.  Math is a strong point for her even though we haven't gotten through the lessons so I don't worry about her picking it all up.  We will slow down if she needs more work on a concept.

Fiona has a school bag too like the big kids.  (I'll tell more about those another day!)  Her bag is full of a notebook, pencil bag, stickers, a coloring book, washable crayons, and some magnet games, etc.  We are going to start some gentle preschool stuff with her this year, like colors and shapes, but she os still 2 so I will not be pushing it.  She likes "doing school" like her brother and sister though.

I'm looking forward to this school year.  I think it will be a great one!

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