Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Little Entrepreneur!

Last week Claire went with my mom to the flea market on Saturday.  My mom goes every weekend during the season and sells fresh cooked pork skins, homemade salves deodorant and tooth powder, etc.  Claire has been asking to go and try to sell her little rubber band bracelets and since it was Labor Day weekend and should be busy and she had built up a good little inventory we decided to let her.  She walked in the door late that afternoon with $65 in her hand!

She was apparently quite the salesperson. Lots of people gave her extra money and told her to keep the change, etc. One lady just walked up and put a few bills in her hand and said she just wanted to support her enterprise and when she walked away Claire realized it was $10. She was a big hit!

I'm so proud of her. She had taken $20 of the money she made to buy more bands to make bracelets and the rest she split in half to spend and to save.  (She bought herself a Lego set with her spend money.)  Yesterday we went to open a savings account for her at the credit union. She pulled just the bills out of her piggy bank and was able to open her first bank account with $55! We plan on working on the coins this week to add to her account. 

And now this morning she got up extremely early to head to the flea market with my mom again. She has been working on bracelets all week and wants to learn how to make bead bracelets to expand her inventory. I'm just so impressed with her. I did not have that kind of drive and entrepreneurial spirit at 9 years old!

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