Sunday, August 23, 2015

When You Are Tested

It's been a hard day. 

I have been planning on starting school with everyone tomorrow.

So I have a little list of things I need to do to prep and get together.  During the summer everything gets scattered and that's not even counting the disaster the homeschool cabinet has been.  I haven't even had a chance to tackle that.

Daddy has a side job that he is trying to finish so he worked part of the day.

Claire has been very unhelpful.  Any request of her has meant moans and groans. 

Chandler has been whiny, complaining and demanding.

Fiona has been disobedient and defiant.  That two year old independence is working against me.  

Declan has been crying and needy for attention. 

I have a headache and just want to get some stuff done.  It doesn't help that my coping mechanism to stress is disappearing in a book or a TV show.  I am fighting it so hard, especially since it will just make it worse since they won't let me focus on anything and the disruption would not make my mood any better. 

So instead I am going to take a deep breath, eat a piece of dark chocolate and bite my tongue.

I don't like the person I become when I am this stressed.  I especially don't like the parent I become.  I sent Claire and Chandler to their rooms to clean, the few minutes of semi quiet helped.  I worked on some lesson planning and watched an episode of something off Hulu while nursing Declan.  You know what though, I don't HAVE to start school tomorrow.  That's the beauty of homeschooling. 

Our day is what we make it! 

Maybe we won't get all of our work done tomorrow. 

Maybe we'll just go for ice cream instead! 

Maybe we will all wake up refreshed and ready.

Maybe we will declare it a Not-Back-to-School Pajama Day and watch movies all day. 

What I do know is that I need to take a step back and focus on myself and my children and what we all need. 

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