Thursday, August 13, 2015

Field Trips!

This morning we had our last summer field trip to the local historical museum and the old jail/rock museum. The kids loved it! 
Claire and Friend

 The Historical Museum is in the old General Store.  It was really neat.  They had a lot of old Cherokee artifacts, Settler items, old guns, Civil War pieces and lots of interesting information.

Next we headed to the Gem Museum just around the corner in walking distance.  The rocks were amazing.  The had crystals and geodes from all over the world.  One of the kid's favorite rooms was a black light room which showed the colors the crystals and rocks glow when introduced to different lights.  Very cool! 

 ^^ This picture was in the fossil room.  The tour guide is pointing out a fossilized dinosaur egg!  She was awesome with the kids.  She told them to keep an eye on it for her in case it hatched.  They took her seriously.  Haha!

 Then they got to go gem mining in the sand box out front and even got to take some cool rocks home with them!  It really is a great little museum - and did I mention it is donation only?  Loved it!

After we got home I got everyone settled down and I listened to soothing music and sorted books for our homeschool co-op while the kids ran around playing and Declan played/fussed at my feet. But 6 big boxes of books are all ready to hand out at our meeting next week! Now time for dinner and then I am headed to yoga class. It's been a pretty good day.

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