Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wait is Killing Me!

Tomorrow morning I have my big ultrasound.  I am so impatient.  I can not wait to find out if I am having another son or another daughter.  Claire is praying for a sister!  Daddy and I agreed to let Claire come and she is ecstatic.  I hope seeing the ultrasound pictures will help soften the blow if Little Bit is a boy!  We Googled ultrasound pictures so she would know what to expect.  I think she will find it fascinating.  Chandler is going to spend a little quality time with Grandma while we go.  I think he's a little too young. 

Now I just need to settle on a name.  Daddy and I are driving each other crazy when it comes to baby names.  We have settled on Fiona if it is a girl.  For a boy I lean towards Miles and Daddy really wants Declan (DECK-lan).  We discussed compromising on Miles Declan since Daddy had his way on Chandler's name.  I think that seems fair.  But I like two middle names (yes, I know I am strange), so we still need to decide on that. 

Oh, I just can't wait until tomorrow! 

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