Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a ........


That's a girl alright!

Precious Profile

4D - I hope she grows into those ears ;)
 Claire adored seeing the baby and you should have seen the grin on her face when the technician said it was a girl!  It's a sister!  I was shocked.  I really thought it was a boy!  Well, to be honest when I first found out I was pregnant I immediately started thinking girl, but when the morning sickness hit full force I started leaning towards a boy.  I had no morning sickness with Claire and a lot with Chandler and I have been so sick with this pregnancy I thought that pointed towards boy!  It just shows you that every pregnancy is different.

After we went in the waiting room to wait for the doctor Claire drew a picture to commemorate the occasion.

That is me on the table with the baby in my tummy.  I promise my belly is not that big!  :)  The thing in the upper left hand corner is the ultrasound machine. 

Now for pulling out Claire's old clothes!  I'm excited to deal with pink and flowers again!

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