Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yes! Finally Potty-Trained!!

Chandler is officially potty trained!  At 3 years 4 months he finally showed interest and after making it to the bathroom a few times we headed out to pick up some cool new batman underwear.  We've only had a few accidents since then and most of them were because he was busy playing outside.  He's even staying dry most nights!  I am very impressed!  Slightly less impressed with him discovering "Daddy's way" to pee, but it's not causing too much of a mess.  At least he's tall!

It's nice to be diaper free in the house - at least for a few months!  :)  Pregnancy is going well.  Still nauseous in the mornings, but I got to hear the heartbeat.  What a beautiful sound!  Next month is the ultrasound and we are debating letting Claire come with us.  She is so excited about the baby and is praying every night for a sister.  Hopefully she won't end up too disappointed! 

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  1. My eldest waited until she was 3.99 years old to potty train, while my middle child just did it herself at 2.5. Kids do things on their own time. Glad your son is doing so well!