Monday, July 2, 2012

June - a month of sickness and moments of fun

I have been a bad blogger lately.  Though to be honest everything has slipped to the side this month.  Morning sickness (i.e. every hour of the day and night sickness) has been killing me.  I had to go to the doctor because I was so lightheaded and we found my blood sugar was much too low.  So I had to choke down food every hour.  Bleck.  I was hating food.  Everything tasted awful and the thought of any type of food just turned my stomach.  I couldn't even step into the kitchen because the smell of food was horrific.  I have been so blessed to have my mother living with us right now.  I don't know how else we all would have survived.  I spent most of the month of June laying on the couch or floor.  Thankfully I am at 13 weeks now and most of the sickness is wearing off.  I still have moments, especially first thing in the morning and bad days, but it's easing.  I mainly have a stupid overactive nose right now.  I smell awful odors that no one else can sense.  Very frustrating! 

I did suck it up enough to throw Claire's 6th birthday party.  Yes, my baby girl is six! We planned on a outside picnic, but woke up to rain so we had to have a quick location substitution to my Grandmother's house.  But it turned out to be a great day. 

Playing outside in her party dress and play shoes

Awesome flower cupcakes that my mom made
Claire requested Roast Chicken and Cranberry Sauce for her birthday.  ;)  We rounded it out with cole slaw, potato salad and pasta salad. 

Blowing out her birthday cupcake
Last week we got to enjoy Claire's late birthday present when my grandmother, Claire and I went out to the theater for an evening to see Peter Pan.  What fun!  Our local theater troupe did a wonderful job and we all really enjoyed it.  The best part was that we got to talk and take pictures with all the actors in the lobby after the show. 
Claire and I all dressed up for the night out

Claire and Grandma ready for the show!

Claire said her favorite part was the mermaids.  And they weren't even nice mermaids in the play!  She was thrilled to meet one.
Captain Hook and his newest recruit

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  1. So she likes chicken enough to request it for her bday now, huh? That's great.

    So glad to hear you're almost over the yucky stuff!