Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's for Dinner this Week?

Well, I'm on the ball this week and made a menu:

Sunday:  Ravioli (marinara sauce for me and Alfredo for Daddy - he's allergic to tomatoes) for the grownups and Spaghetti for the kids and Italian bread

Monday:  Dinner at the In-laws

Tuesday:  Chicken Schnitzel, Macaroni and Cheese and Steamed Veggies

Wednesday:  Sour Cream Enchilada Casserole

Thursday:  Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes and Bacon

Friday:  Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Garlic Bread

Saturday:  Beef Stroganoff, Egg Noodles and Steamed Veggies


  1. Yum-my!!! Chicken Schnitzel...what a great idea!!

  2. It is Chandler's absolute favorite! He usually eats at least 2 pieces of chicken. Nothing better then chicken pounded so flat you only need a fork to cut it!