Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Spend Week Menu

We're having a no-spend, clean out the pantry week.  I picked up some produce and milk and that was it, but I think I came up with a nice menu ...

Sunday:  Clean-Out-the-Fridge Chicken Soup and Homemade bread

Monday:  Dinner at the In-Laws

Tuesday:  Sausage & Eggs and Pancakes (Whole-Wheat)

Wednesday:  Fish Patties, Mashed Potatoes and Veggies

Thursday:  Sesame Chicken, Rice and Veggies

Friday:  Chicken Nuggets, Mac & Cheese and Salad

Saturday:  Pasta Alfredo and Garlic Knots

I think I will draw this out to next week too - I already have ideas!

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