Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking forward ...

Claire is part of a small homeschool co-op that I love!  Last week was the Mom Planning Meeting and I have to say I now have one reason I don't want to move right away.  We have such a great semester planned.  I love the fact that Claire can meet and learn with other children every week, but it's very casual and her quirks are appreciated and tolerated.  We are starting with a 4 week section on Simple Machines and then we will have a Valetine's party and make Valentine's to pass out at our local nursing home (we did the same thing with Christmas cards last month and the everyone loved it).  Then we have a 4 week section on Government and the Presidents that I really look forward to (I was a History/Poli Sci major).  Then we have planned a Career Day.  We hope to have our husbands, etc come in and discuss their professions with the children.  Then a section on Tall Tales, a Field Day and start practicing an End of Year Program for the parents and grandparents.  We plan on finishing out with a trip to the National Park!  We also are planning a Gym day (at the County Rec Center) once a month and we want to do a family skate night.  I think it sounds like a great plan.

I wish we knew exactly when we were moving.  But we have a lot to do until then!

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