Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scottish pride

Yesterday was the "Taste of Scotland" festival in town. We live in a little town in Western North Carolina and these mountains host a proud Scottish Heritage. My husband and I both have some Scot background (him more then me, our last name has a Scottish background, my great grandmother was Scotch-Irish) and we never miss a year! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but I did snatch a few with my cell phone. We arrived just in time for the parade of the clans with the all the bagpipes going! I may be weird, but I love bagpipes! :) We also got to see the Knobby Knees contest of all the men in kilts and lots of wonderful Celtic dancers and singers! There different venders and some clans have tents up as well. This year the man at Clan Young stopped us and told us that he had some child size kilts that were bought for a wedding and we were welcome to try them on and take pictures. You don't have to ask me twice to get the chance to see my son wearing a kilt! He wasn't sure about the kilt, but he loved the sporran and he cried when we took his "belt" off. Does he not look absolutely adorable? And no, he did not go "traditional"! ;)
The Girl got her face painted and was so excited. It's hard to see in this picture - but she got a butterfly on her eyes. But I got to see how grown-up she is now. Daddy, my mom and a friend of mine were talking and I was standing next to her while she was in line and she pushed me away and said, "No, mommy, don't stand with me. Go with Daddy and Grandma." So, I started to walk the five feet to where they were standing and she stopped me and said, "Wait Mommy! Give me the dollars!" Sure kid. Handle the transaction by yourself. How old are you again? And people say homeschooled children are shy and reclusive ... they've definitely never met my child!


  1. I LOVE the pictures!! Wish we lived closer, we totally would have gone with you guys!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is so funny. My son, a late January 2009 baby, has a Blackwatch kilt (just like Daddy wears to compete in the Scottish Heavy Events), and I often pair it with is black DUDE shirt. I have several pictures very similar to this one.