Monday, October 4, 2010

I am so frustrated with my daughter

The Girl was horrible in the store today. She was difficult at home before we left so I had a little talk with her before we went into Walmart.

"Stay with Mama."

"Listen and Do what Mama says."

Guess how that went? I just need some way to communicate with her. I feel like I go over the same things over and over and over and she just doesn't get it. I get so frustrated with her. And now when I tell her to do something she has started yelling at me or trying to hit me. Really??? Her first appointment with the therapist was last week. We just discussed her behavior. Next week we have another appointment and I hope she will give us a direction to go in!


  1. My son is the exact same way. I get frustrated and he gets frustrated. It is a big mess-almost every day-especially in the mornings.
    We often wonder if we should go to family therapy to figure out how to handle these situations better.
    Do you find it helps?

  2. We've just started so I'm not sure yet. I really hope so. We are just so different and I hate how we are always butting heads!