Sunday, August 14, 2016

I Think We Are Ready!

Lesson plans are made.  Bags are packed.  I think we are ready for our first day of school tomorrow!

Declan's bag has been ordered, but it not here yet.  His is dark grey with red lettering though.  These bags are so handy for their schoolwork!  It's a great size for all their books and they can easily pick them up and take them to wherever they want to do their schoolwork with everything they need.  

Declan's bag:

He's just doing some preschool work to keep him entertained while everyone is working.  We have crayons, coloring book, and notebook, stickers, flashcards of insects and puzzles.

Fiona's bag:  

Fiona is starting some Pre-K work this year.  We have Language Lessons for Little Ones, Building Thinking Skills, and coloring book and notebook.

Chandler's bag:

Second grade!  We have a notebook for journaling, Language Lessons for Little Ones 3 and Horizons Math.  He will also be doing Xtramath online.

Claire's bag:

Fourth grade!  She has a notebook for journaling, Language Lessons for the Very Young 2, Editor in Chief, Horizons Math and Life of Fred Apples.  She will also be doing some Xtramath online and has a Orton-Gillingham tutor that she will see twice a week. 

Everyone will also be doing Apologia Zoology Flying Creatures and Mystery of History III along with our homeschool co-op.  Fiona and Chandler will also be doing Spanish. 

It's going to be a busy year!

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