Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Love Yoga

It has been six months since my first yoga class. I can't tell you how much has changed for me in my mind and body. This might sound silly, but inside my brain is so much calmer. I can feel myself getting stronger. Things a few months ago I thought I would never be able to do I am beginning do. And that painful, annoying carpal tunnel I've had in my wrist since my banking days? It's almost gone and I can move my wrist again! When I first started it was all I could do to get the poses, now I'm trying to add the "extra" and if I can't get it I practice it at home. I really can't express what a big deal that is. Me? Enjoying something physical? AND voluntarily doing it on my own time? I am proud of myself and motivated to keep up my practice. Not to mention, my kids enjoy it and we can do it together. Win!

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