Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WNC Nature Center

My husband was able able to take an unexpected day off and we decided to take advantage of it!  We headed to Asheville to the WNC Nature Center and we loved it!  The price was very reasonable and we spent over 3 hours wandering around looking at the animals and playing in the play areas.  Our favorites were the river otters, the racoon that walked only a few inches away from us and the bears! 



Looking for creatures

Being spiders

Claire was helping us navigate with the map.

Right there.  That is Fiona wrapped up in a nut shell.

Declan just did not want his picture taken!

My family.

The river otters were such hams.  The kids loved them!

One of the little play areas.  What a good idea!
 I highly recommend the WNC Nature Center if you are near Asheville.  Everything was well done, fun and educational. 

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