Friday, July 31, 2015

Everyone Needs Support

Some of my council of moms. They are such a blessing in my life.

Yesterday we had our homeschool co-op summer pool party and the families that were able to make it had so much fun.  The moms dragged chairs to the edge of the pool to watch the kids and just talked and enjoyed each other.  

As I looked around at these women I was struck at what an amazing resource I have in these women.  We support and love each other.  We bring meals when we are sick or just had a baby.  We give advice and share our experiences.  We throw baby showers and babysit. 

If you don't have your circle reach out. 

Talk to that woman at the park.

Give a hand to that mom at the store.

I bet you she would love to have the support as much as you do. 

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