Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sad Day

Eloise, our sweet little kitten passed away this morning.  Eloise was super thin and we brought her in to the vet first thing yesterday because I was worried about her. She was in bad shape (and younger than we were told) I spent all day yesterday giving her droppers of water and giving her fingertips of meat baby food.  It was a houseful of tears this morning. 

Thankfully we already had a busy day planned and it helped to get everyone out of the house and busy.  

Watching a blacksmith at the Scottish Festival

Face Painting cheers anyone up


After the Scottish Festival we headed to the next town for their annual homeschool curriculum sale.  I had been putting money aside for a while and I'm glad I did!  So much great stuff!   We got there later then I meant, but it worked out great because people were starting to discount their books. 

Afterwards we went to the park for everyone to run around and play. 

Fiona making her mad face.
My beautiful butterfly - I mean Claire
Silly Fiona
It's Batman!

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