Sunday, June 7, 2015

Claire is 9!

It's Claire's 9th Birthday!  How is that possible?  Wasn't she just born?  And already on her last year of single digits ....  She had her first friend party this year - a pool party!  She thought it was perfect.

 Opening her present from us first thing in the morning.

 Wearing her new shirt and coloring in her new book.

 Sushi!  Her favorite!

 Daddy with his girl

 Claire's Birthday Cake!

Ready for friends to arrive!

Chandler, Claire and Fiona

 Declan's 1st time in a pool!

 Fiona LOVES the water!

 Friends playing

 Blowing out candles

 Cake time!

 Fiona says, "Yum!"

 Happy Birthday Girl!

Opening some presents

One last dip in the pool before it's time to go!

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