Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Fever and Renovations

March is moving right along.  We are ready for winter to be over!  We had some lovely warm days last week and everyone was quick to break out the short sleeves and sandals.  Today it is in the 40s and rainy and feels so cold!

We are moving along with our schoolwork and only have a few more weeks in our co-op class!  Isn't it crazy that the school year is almost done?  I am feeling restless in the house and need to get some good spring cleaning done and Daddy feels the same way because he keeps talking about some of the many remodeling jobs that he needs to get done in the house.  We have so much to do!  Our hopeful list -

1.  Mom and I are setting up a couple raised beds for a veggie garden this year.

2.  We want to enlarge the chicken run.  It is 20x20 now and I want to make it 20x40.

3.  Daddy needs to finish building the cabinets for the kitchen (don't I have a talented husband?) and then we get to knock the wall out between the kitchen and dining room.

4.  Daddy is going to build drawers into the eaves in Claire's room.

And the one that I may be look forward to the most after a finished kitchen (oh, to have real countertops and not just plywood) ....

I want a bedroom door!  And walls!  When we moved in upstairs was a finished 400 sf (or so) room.  We built a wall on one side to give Claire a bedroom of her own and she has a curtain for her door.  You walk up the stairs straight into our bedroom.  I made a little diagram. 

We plan on making a small hallway, a closet and maybe even a half bath!  I am desperate for some privacy.  My goal is to make our bedroom a refuge.  Somewhere that will not have toys and piles of papers and is just for us.  Kind of like this. 
I think it will be wonderful!  Now to just get it done ....

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