Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crazy, Fun Filled Week!

We had a lot to do this week!

On Tuesday we had friends over.  A friend of mine is moving and I had her younger kids for a few hours so she could clean.  I had a 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 year old running around and having a ball!

On Wednesday we went to see the Aristocats with our homeschool co-op.  Declan and Fiona stayed with my mom and I just took the big kids.  Claire and Chandler loved it!  And Chandler loved that his friend Henry was one of the alley cats. 

Thursday was our regular co-op day.  I was in charge of the baby room (infant to 2 years old) this week.  Fiona and Declan were good and Fiona was happy to get to play with her friends.  

Snacks always make the toddlers happy! 

Friday was our big day!   We started off with Homeschool P.E. in the morning - it was the first week and it looks like she will try to do it weekly for the rest of the school year.  My kids loved it and it was so cute to see Fiona trying to do all the stretches and exercises with the big kids. 

She did a good job!
After P.E. was over we had one hour to grab lunch and get to their "Grade Your Stream" class!  This has been scheduled for months and of course after all the beautiful days we have been having the day that they were going to climb in the creek is the day it was 50 degrees and windy.  It was a class of misadventures.  A lot of great information about what makes a healthy vs unhealthy waterway.  But Fiona fell in the water and I ended up calling my mom to pick her up because she was so chilled.  By the time the class was over Claire was soaked to the waist!  We came straight home and had hot chocolate snuggled under blankets on the couch.  

Pre falling in.

Discussing attributes of the creek. 

Giving it a final grading.

 All in all it was a fun and educational week, but I am ready for a quiet week now!

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