Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Round One

We FINALLY had snow this winter!  It's been a little frustrating to just have bitter cold weather and no fun stuff.  And this was the first time Fiona got to go play in the snow!  She loved it!

All bundled up
Heading out!
Claire was trying to show Fiona how to make snow angels.
Our side yard

Happy Chandler!
The back yard
That's a happy little girl! 
Attempting a snowman. 

Warming up with hot chocolate.  It was Fiona's first hot chocolate and she thought it was AMAZING!
Well, we are expecting more snow tomorrow - which happens to be Chandler's 6th birthday!  He's very excited.  He says that the snow is his birthday present from God.  Silly boy!  They say we could expect anywhere from 4-9 inches so it may be a big gift!  

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