Friday, September 19, 2014


Claire and Chandler each were able to take a Horsekeeping 101 class through our homeschool co-op this year!

It was separate classes for each of them and Chandler got to go first!

 Chandler was really intimidated by the horse.  He was really nervous to get too close. 

 He loved the miniature donkey that was there though!  He said he wanted one for our house.  :)

 Towards the end of the class Chandler finally was willing to pet and brush the horse.  I was so proud of him!

Claire had her class on a different day and she was so excited.

 She loved brushing the horse.

 She did a wonderful job leading the horse around the field.

But being on the horse was scarier then she expected!  It looks like my Claire has inherited my fear of heights.  She has decided that she no longer wants a horse - maybe a pony instead.  And like Chandler she adored the little miniature donkey.  They are trying to talk me into one.  Silly children.  It's their father they need to work on! 

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