Monday, September 22, 2014

County Fair

September means the County Fair!  It's one of our favorites things to do as a family and we never miss it.  Sometimes, like this year we go more then once!

There was a tent set up with games for the little ones.

Chandler got to be a cowboy!
My beautiful Claire

Talking about fire safety with the firefighters.


Back at the Fair with Daddy!

Fiona liked the animals!

She was fascinated with the cows.

The kids were excited to show Daddy their booth.

My babies got to ride around in style.

In front of the barn

All of my babies and me!

Declan slept through the Fair.

We grabbed Dairy Queen after the Fair.

Happy kids!

Fiona was so excited for the ice cream!

And now he's awake!  ;)

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