Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We have a little boy!!

I am busy and tired and completely in love. 

Declan Elliott James L. was born on August 3rd at 10:28pm after 16 hours of labor!  He was 8 lbs even and 20 inches long. 

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday morning, but woke up Sunday at 6:30 and realized I was having contractions about 3 minutes apart.  We got to the hospital around noon and ended up reading our books most of the afternoon.  It was a slow, easy labor, but super fast and intense at the end.  He was born after only 3 pushes!  Daddy was awesome the whole time. 

Declan was fussy and whiny the first few days which was really scary for me, but the day my milk came in he settled right down.  He's apparently a lot like Daddy and was just hungry! 

He's here!

Ready to go home!

My four babies!

Sucking his thumb

My precious little guy

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