Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's Been Going On

Summer is coming to a close.  School is fast approaching!

Declan is growing fast!  He's a strong little guy.

Fiona adores her little brother.  She always wants to be near him and help take care of him.  She moved to sit at the table with us this month and loves it! 

Claire and Chandler have spent their summer using their imaginations and playing outside.  Inside fun has included making robot "masks" and cars with cardboard boxes and lots of art projects. 

Some pictures:

Fiona telling Declan all about life

Fiona the princess

Ahhh!  Robots!

Fiona likes the swing

Best big sister ever.

They are creative about seating.

Handsome little guy

Fiona's at the table!

LOVE this picture of them!

Declan's First Bath!

Sleepy boy

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