Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adding to the Family

It's been over a week since we have seen Malcolm.

He will never be replaced and we still hope - but we knew we have more room in our hearts and home for more animals.  So this morning we headed to the Humane Society. 

Meet Prince - Claire's new kitten.

He hid behind the table for a while, but he purred whenever we stuck our head back there.  Last seen he was exploring the basement.  :)  He's a sweet little thing!

This is Hobbes.

He is a 5 month old Lab mix.  Very playful and affectionate!  Daddy is completely in love.  He's mostly house-trained already and is very polite.  Apparently he was a family dog, but they moved and didn't realized how big he would be and surrendered him at the shelter.  He's quickly adjusting to our cats (barked at them the first time he saw them, but now is calm with them) and we are looking forward to being his forever home. 

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