Saturday, September 14, 2013

Escaped Bunnies!

We had a bit of an adventure here last week.  Our grow out pen of six baby bunnies came unlatched during the night!  I went out for their morning feeding to find an empty cage!  Cue sinking stomach.  I figured there was no way we would find them all - if any.

But then we caught sight of one in the neighbor's yard!  I grabbed the food dish and a bucket and was able to get close enough to grab her!  Then we saw another in the next over neighbor's yard.  We quickly put the first one in the cage and headed for the next one.  Our cat Malcolm came with us and the kids started freaking out thinking the cat would hurt him (Malcolm has been known to catch wild bunnies).  But Malcolm walked up to the bunny, sniffed him on the nose and kept walking!  The bunny was freaked out enough to freeze and I was able to catch him!  

I caught sight of another in the woodpile, but it darted into the middle when he saw me.  So after wandering the neighborhood looking, I kept coming in and out of the house all day keeping an eye out for the other four still missing.  While out on the porch I saw one in the brush next door.  I headed down with the food dish and it started to hop away, but came back when it saw the food dish - caught!  Three down, three to go!  

The one in the wood pile was elusive all day.  When Daddy got home he moved the wood and was able to catch it!  At this point we had caught four of the six and I was pretty pleased.  I figured that the last two had probably headed out as far as they could and we would never find them.  

That evening we headed out for the evening feed and guess what we found?  The last two bunnies hanging out near the hutches waiting for their dinner!  They put up a token resistance - two hops in the other direction when we tried to get them - but they were quickly caught!

What an adventure!

Six little bunnies happy to see each other!

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