Saturday, September 28, 2013

9 months already!

This week Fiona turned 9 months old.

Nine months .... already!

I can't believe that 3/4 quarters of her first year is over.

She is such a happy baby and she is a huge joy in our lives.

Claire and Chandler both adore her and I can't imagine her not here with us.

Her first tooth came in last month and her second came this week.

She is scootching around on her bottom and last night she pulled herself to her feet for the first time!  It took her a while and was hard work, but she was so proud! 

She is clapping and babbling and Daddy swore she said, "Hi, Dada." the other day. 

She gives kisses and adorable little neck hugs. 

Fiona is a wonderful baby and I am proud to be her mama.

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