Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blessing in the Pain

This pregnancy has been really hard on me.  My grandmother - who had 4 children - said her 3rd pregnancy was her hardest as well.  Maybe that 3rd baby just really breaks your body in? 

My hips and pelvis are killing me.  A grocery or Walmart trip ends with me wincing and completely ready to go home and sit down.  I toughed it out yesterday to help Daddy work on the chicken run and oh was I regretting it last night.  Daddy tried to let me sleep in but I was in so much pain laying in bed I got up anyway.  My doctor is referring me to physical therapy so I can get a support belt fitted and I can't wait.  But unfortunately I won't be going for nearly 2 weeks.  I can brave it out, right?

I just keep thinking about that sweet little baby moving, pushing and wiggling inside of me.  She will be totally worth it.  I will already do anything for her.  And I can always put the Jewish mama guilt on her later in life, right?  Of course right!  ;)

1 comment:

  1. hang in there! it will totally be worth it (although I know you already know that!)