Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a month!

May has been absolutely crazy.  We moved out of our rental and scrubbed the place within an inch of it's life.  We are in the new house now and mostly settled.  I still have several piles of boxes in the living room, but we're getting there. 

We also celebrated my brother and sister's graduation from our local community college!
My brother (19) and sister (20)
We are quite proud of them!  My brother is planning on working for a year or two while his girlfriend finishes nursing school and then finishing his Bachelors.  My sister is finishing up the paperwork to join the Air Force!  We are a proud military family, my grandfather retired from the Navy and my mother, father, step-father and uncle were all Air Force.  I love that she is carrying on the family tradition! 

But the big news is that a few days after deciding on staying in North Carolina and buying the house we discovered that our family would be growing a bit bigger ....
That's right!  Baby #3 will be joining us in late December/early January!  We are so excited!  Morning (aka 24/7) sickness has hit, which is slowing down the unpacking in the house, but it will all get done.  I had my first ultrasound this week and we saw a lovely little heartbeat and a Little Bit swimming around in there. 

Such a happy sight!


  1. What a great blog! Love it Jocelyn and love your ultrasound photo. So happy for you guys. :)

  2. Love the baby pic.! Hope you feel better soon.